Monday, April 8, 2013

La Leyenda de Cihuehuet - The legend of Cihuehuet




This is the story of a Salvadoran Legend that goes back to the time of the Mayans. Cihuehuet (See-you-wet) was a beautiful Mayan Princess. Beautiful Princess is the direct translation of Cihuehuet from the native language of the Mayans. The Mayan language was called Nahaut.

This beautiful princess was beautiful not just in looks but in many, many ways but she was disobedient to Tcaloc (ta-ka-lock) who was the Mayan God of lluvia (Rain).  He was so displeased that he made her muy fea (very ugly). She had long greasy hair, ugly, ugly face and long scary fingernails.  Tcaloc changed her name to Siguanaba(See- gua- nah-bah) and made her haunt the rivers and lakes of El Salvador. She looked for machismo hombres, macho men. These are not men who are just macho but they also abuse and use women like toys. When she finds one she changes back into Cihuehuet and seduces the man. Then just as the man begins to make love to her, she changes back into Siguanaba and the man goes loco (crazy) and runs away. She then looks for her next victim. Siguanaba translated from Nahaut means net woman. It means she ensnares men in the net of her beauty.

The teacher of my Espanol class told us this story, his name is Wilmer. He is Salvadoran and is a direct descendent of Mayans.
 The Mayan Empire started around 2600 BC and didn't collapse until 900 AD. It's population numbered into the Millions and extended from Mexico and as far south as the Honduras and El Salvador. It had the 1st fully developed written language of the Americas. It's use of Mathematics, Astronomy and other sciences rivaled that of the Egyptians and Romans. I love history and ancient mythology. I knew Mission word would expose me to many new things, I never expected this. I am blessed in so many ways.


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  1. It's nice to find non latin Americans who appreciate our folklore and cultural inheritance. I'd just like to point out to 2 mistakes in your tale. The mayans language is not the nahaut, it is simply maya. Maybe you meant nahuat which is the Aztecs language. The mayan rain god is Chaac not Tcaloc; maybe you ment Tlaloc, that is the name of the Aztec god of rain.