Monday, April 1, 2013

Jueves Santo

Jueves Santo

On Holy Thursday the services started at 4 PM. At this service there is feet washing but it is different. 1st of all only 12 people are selected, so as to represent the 12 apostles. Dianne and I were asked to participate and with honor we joined them. Only the priest washes the feet and each person has only one foot washed not both and I don’t know why. It was very nice, the usual smiling and a little joking was part of the ceremony among us participants, especially when I took both shoes and socks off and I was informed of the one foot rule. Unlike at home we are not present when the Altar is cleared. There is also no vigil maintained in the Iglesia (Church).  After this service there was a large gathering at the Guest house for a meal of Papusas, Curtido (cole slaw), salsa and cafe. The sense of community here is very strong and very uplifting.
Tom & Dianne

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  1. Nice to see the women and children in your group, too! Did you hear that Pope Francis created a fuss at the Vatican by washing the feet of (gasp) young people in jail, among them (double gasp) females? The norm in Rome has been 12 people, too -- all cardinals. They weren't too pleased.