Friday, March 8, 2013


My ramblings from El Salvador

The traveling part of the trip was pretty dull and uneventful.  Thank God!  The guest house where we are staying is right next door to the Diocesan Offices.  It’s a big, old stucco house.  It has beautiful archways to the downstairs rooms.  Upstairs are 4 bedrooms.  Ours has a king sized bed…no bunk!  We also have our own bath with a shower.  Nothing elegant but everything we need.  Mima is the name of the woman who owns the guest house.  She’s a short, stocky woman who smiles all the time.  She makes us breakfast and supper each day.  So far the meals have been great.  We had some cereal and fresh fruit this morning.

The houses have no screens on the windows.  On Monday we spent all night swatting mosquitos.  Last night we thought we’d get ahead of them and put up some netting we brought.  All we had with us was duct tape!  The first time it fell down it took some paint off the wall with it.  The second time we just slept with it laying on us.  Not very comfortable!  Tonight we may have to sleep with Deet!

 I also broke down and showered this morning!  I just couldn’t do it yesterday!  The water is so cold and it comes out in a trickle.  I have to remember to use less shampoo. It takes too long to rinse!  It’s hotter in El Maizal so the water will be warmer! 

We went to the phone store yesterday to get our El Salvador phones.  We also got the thumb drive internet service.  We can’t get a contract with the company until we get our immigration papers!  That may take a few weeks.  The human rights person from the Diocese, Juan Lopez, is working on it for us.

Every one of the office staff has been wonderful.  They all go out of their way to make us feel at home.  It’s comforting.  We haven’t had a chance to see the Bishop yet.  He’s been sick and hasn’t been in the office for a few weeks.  We’re hoping to see him Sunday.  He has a private Chapel in the Diocese office and does private service on Sunday for his close friends. We’ve been invited to attend. That’s it for now.  We start school on Monday…no more English! It should be a very quiet time for Tom!

Peace to all,



  1. Congratulations on a safe landing.. I am looking forward to following the journey.. many blessings to you both

  2. Sure doesn't sound like a whine to me, Dianne! I will be both amazed and delighted to know if you get those immigration papers and your thumb drive in just a few weeks... "Process" sometimes works slowly (I never did get my work permits in Kenya, but I paid for them faithfully every three months), but people (Bishop Barahona, Juan Lopez, and ALL of your friends in El Maizal) will more than compensate!