Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Amazing People

Amazing People


New Idiom – Va pues (pronounced - ba press) – It is the equivalent of our “sure or OK” Example – I ask, would you like to eat? You say, Va pues.

All has been going very smoothly and we really must give credit first to our Lord but also to the amazing people He has given the task of helping us. That being Bishop Barahona’s staff.

In the pictures of the Bishops staff you see Dianne and from left to right are Miriam Romero - Executive Assistant of the Bishop, Maria Montes - Care Taker of the house, Ana Gomez - Treasure and Administrative Assistant and Roxana de Velasco - Treasure Assistant. In my picture from left to right are Hamilton Villatoro – Bookkeeping and William Hernandez – Driver. Not only are they all extremely hard and dedicated workers but fun people to spend time with. We ate all our lunches with them the 1st week. We actually had Subway a couple of times before I said that we’ll gladly eat Salvadoreno comida comun (Salvadoran common food). Plus Salvadoreno food is cheaper. Rice, beans, beef and 2 tortilla’s ($2.00). Small subway chicken sandwich with Chips and soda ($5.25). So tell me, why does Subway charge almost as much here as in the U.S. when they don’t pay minimum wage, no workers comp or unemployment benefits in El Salvador??? Just saying.

Miriam in particular navigated us through the process of getting cellphones and internet service. She also advised us on safety, for instance Jewelry.  She advises not wearing much but if you do wear silver not gold. Gold sells for more here than silver. She did all she could to help us all the time.

I want to talk about William the driver too. We’ve been to El Salvador 5 times now and have had the good fortune of having him be our driver 3 of those times. This man has nerves of steel that are only exceeded by his driving skills in this traffic. This traffic I say??, Think heavy Boston traffic but without too many rules and the roads are in need of some serious work, not to mention heavy pedestrian traffic too. What’s truly amazing is that there is never a hint of road rage or exasperation from him. Matter of fact I haven’t seen even minor road rage here.

The following anonymous quote sums up most of the people we’ve met in El Salvador “You meet people who forget you, you forget people that you meet. But sometimes you meet those people you can’t forget”


Tom & Dianne

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  1. Give mis abrazos a todo el mundo, these people are so dear to me. Glad things are going well.